Where Can You Store Archives?

You have archives and you do not have any more space at home? Where could you possibly store them? Does cheap storage spaces or cheap storage unit exist in Geneva to store archives?

Everyone must store archives. Positive law in Switzerland obliges us to store active archives (regular consultation) and inactive ones (holding obligation), either for legal or historical reasons. 

An individual can store in its cellar if there is space available. This is the most obvious solution.

A company can also store archives in an office until there is no more space for employees to move around. Visually, it is not nice to see all these boxes piling up sometimes in an anarchic way.

But archiving is a job! Room must be ventilated to prevent moisture. In winter, heating should prevent the impact of the cold weather. Yet, our apartment cellars might be too humid and not secured enough to store archives! Hence, security becomes an issue.

Flexbox offers different sizes self-service storage units which are accessible anytime. Ventilation and heating systems ensure the conservation of your archives. Humidity is monitored. Each storage unit is equipped with its alarm. If an alarm is triggered, either the Flexbox Staff or the security patrol intervene.

Which unit size to choose?

How many federal binders can you store in a 1sqm storage unit? A storage unit has a length of 1m which represents a 1sqm floor surface. The unit has a height of 2.7m. 

Therefore, the good news is that you can store more than 250 federal binders in a 1sqm unit!!!

In a 2sqm unit, 500 binders fit! As such, we also have units of intermediate sizes of 1.5sqm or 2.5sqm  to adjust to your needs.

To see our prices depending on the unit chosen, go to flexbox.ch

Which cardboard boxes to use?

Flexbox recommends using one of these 2 types of cardboard boxes to store archives. But you can use your own boxes of course.

SMALL cardboard boxes at 2.70chf measuring 50cm long x 30cm wide x 35cm high

LARGE cardboard boxes at 3.30chf box measuring 60cm long x 30cm wide x 35cm high.

At Flexbox, a 15 cardboard boxes pack offers a 10% discount. Therefore the price of the small boxes drops to 2.40F and to less than 3F for the bigger ones.

How many federal filing binders can fit into each type of box?

9 binders fit in a SMALL box

13 binders fit in a LARGE box.

Obviously you can store your archives without binders to increase the volume of archives you can store in a box.

How many boxes can fit in a 1m2 storage unit?

If you store your archives in binders, you can use SMALL or LARGE boxes.

In a 1sqm unit, you can make  4 piles of 28 small boxes equivalent to 252 binders!

In a 1sqm unit, you can make 3piles of 21 large boxes equivalent to 273 binders!

There will still be space available to store a stepladder or a folding step in your unit.

How to store your archives in a storage space?

After putting the inactive archives at the back of the unit, you can store the most useful archives along the walls of it and leave a small path to access each box.  We can call this a U-shaped storage.

Some customers also set up shelves to improve their unit storage. You will find shelves in supermarkets or DIY stores in Geneva. Small functional shelves cost between 50F to 80F.

Our moving partner also offers very large metal shelves (2m high x 1m long x 60cm deep) for 200F which are directly delivered and mounted in your storage unit.

One last tip to optimize your unit storage: find a 4-wheel board in a DIY store to stack up boxes. You will then be able to move this stack each time you need to access archives. You will be able to access the archives hidden at the back of your storage unit.

Transport of your archives

You can contact our moving partner to transport your archives to a Flexbox storage unit. He can wrap, carry, transport and store the archives in your unit.

Consultation of your archives in the storage box

Flexbox allows a 24/7 access to your unit.  Your unique access code allows you to access your unit directly. You can easily park your vehicle inside the facility, load or unload new boxes of archives. Free self-service handling materials and trolleys are available at the building entrance. The contract can be cancelled at any time with a 14 days’ notice. If paid in advance, you can get significant discounts.

A secure 1sqm unit can be rented from 94 .- / month. The discount offers a price drops of 14.- to 80 .- / month. The before tax price is thus at 74 .- / month to store as much as 250 binders without having to think about the safety and reliability of your unit anymore. 

Self-storage has become a modern, flexible solution for professional archiving. These same storage units can also be used to serve our everyday life transitions: moving, going abroad, decluttering, job loss, break ups, increasing demand stock, newborn arrival, etc….



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