Additional Flexbox services

In addition to flexible, secure storage solutions, Flexbox offers a wide range of ancillary services to make your move or storage easier.

Purchase of cartons and packing supplies

Do you need boxes of all sizes to store your belongings safely?

Flexbox offers you a complete selection of sturdy cardboard boxes and packing materials so you can pack your belongings safely.

To put it simply, there are 3 box sizes:

  • small boxes for transporting heavy objects or books
  • large cardboard boxes for everything else and for bulky objects
  • closet boxes for storing coats, suits, dresses and shirts.

Other must-have accessories include adhesive tapes with dispensers, stretch film, professional wrapping paper, felt-tip markers and even special boxes for storing crockery!

All cartons and packing supplies can be found in our Flexbox Vernier store, Route du Nant d’Avril 40 – 1214 Vernier.

Protection for your belongings

In addition to storage boxes, Flexbox also offers a wide range of supplies to protect your belongings.

Protective mattress covers, furniture covers, 10m long by 1m wide rolls of bubble wrap and floor protectors ensure that your belongings are safe and secure throughout your storage or removal period.

Handling equipment

To make loading and unloading heavy objects easier, Flexbox provides professional-quality equipment free of charge.

Whether you need a hand truck to carry your heavy objects, a pallet puller to move your pallets of products, or a cart to facilitate transport, Flexbox has everything you need to make your job easier.

Expert advice

Finally, our team is made up of moving and storage experts.

If you have any questions about storage, volume, choice of box size or any of the ancillary services we offer, we’re here to give you useful advice on packing, storing and protecting your belongings during the move and storage.


Flexbox not only offers storage solutions, but also a complete range of ancillary services to make your move or storage easier.

We provide you with a variety of storage boxes, protection for your goods, handling equipment and expert advice.

We’ll provide you with everything you need to make your move or storage easier.

Flexbox in a nutshell

Geneva self-storage company at your service since 2013


The largest storage capacity in Geneva!
2,000 boxes/furniture storage units at your disposal


The number of available storage centers in Geneva


The largest building in French-speaking Switzerland, with a storage capacity of 8,000m2.

Member of the Swiss 3SA Self Storage Association, a standard confirming that Flexbox meets self storage industry standards in terms of safety, construction and management.

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