Transition Period? Flexbox Is Here to Help You

Need to change apartment quickly because of a breakup? In the middle of a divorce? In a hurry to leave your home? Tension with your flatmate? A hard time, health problem, a death? Layoff, loss of a job, more work?  Your business is in trouble, you want to reduce costs? Need daily access to storage space to store tools, boxes, samples, archives, spare parts? Or simply to empty your car, garage, store furniture temporarily while selling your place? 

You will have plenty of opportunity to test storage facilities in Geneva. With Flexbox, you have access to your storage unit every day with no hassle, without having to ask permission from anyone. You can start whenever you want and stop renting at any time.

On a more positive note, you could need some spaces in periods of transition for the arrival of a new person in your family, a birth, a new couple, growth of your business, a new job, a sabbatical, a journey, the sale of a property, an inheritance, seasonal rental, all these reasons are good for using Flexbox in Geneva.

Flexbox is a solid company that has invested in modern storage facilities. In a fast-paced world, today’s certainties can be swept away by tomorrow’s crises. Your belongings are secured in individual storage areas within Flexbox storage sites. The units are ventilated, heated and each unit has its own alarm.

Thanks to its new online booking tool, Flexbox offers you the possibility to do all the process online becoming one of the leading companies in self storage. After making your online payment, you will receive the move-in instructions with your access code! It will only take you 2 minutes of your time! No need to come to our frontdesk anymore, save time and energy! Save the planet by limiting your carbon footprints! And focus on the important things!

Lastly, Flexbox offers great flexibility. As long as you use the unit, the contract is renewed on a monthly basis. When you no longer need the unit, simply give us the 14 days’ notice at any time and Flexbox will even refund the unused rental on a pro rata basis. Great solution in uncertain situations . Flexbox has implemented simple and effective tools to simplify the lives of its customers. No commitment, no handcuffs, you leave whenever you want. To benefit from this modern storage unit rental experience, you can reach us at 022 820 00 00. Our advisors will be happy to guide you.

AH April 2020



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