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Self Storage: the storage solution for individuals and professionals

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Geneva self-storage company at your service since 2013


The largest storage capacity in Geneva!
2,000 boxes/furniture storage units at your disposal


The number of available storage centers in Geneva


The largest building in French-speaking Switzerland, with a storage capacity of 8,000m2.

Member of the Swiss 3SA Self Storage Association, a standard confirming that Flexbox meets self storage industry standards in terms of safety, construction and management.

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Self Storage à Genève

What is Self Storage?

Self Storage is a storage concept that enables individuals and businesses to rent secure storage space to store goods of all kinds.

These are private self-storage units available for rent for variable terms depending on the user’s needs.

Self storage - a need?

The benefits of Self Storage

Self Storage offers many advantages, including :

Security and confidentiality

Self-storage facilities are usually equipped with comprehensive security systems, such as individual alarms in each stall, motion detection, fire detection, security patrols and surveillance cameras, to guarantee the safety of stored goods.

The selfstorage units have opaque walls that are also locked by a door on which the customer inserts a padlock. The premises are accessible only to customers with an access code.

Suitable for all needs

Self Storage offers a range of selfstorage unit sizes, from small units for individuals to large units for businesses.

This allows people to choose a storage space that suits their needs, and rent only the space they need.


In most cases, storage spaces are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for customers who rent them.

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Self storage, a space for professionals and private individuals

Self Storage is suitable for both private and professional customers.

It offers a practical storage solution for a wide variety of goods, such as furniture, clothing, business equipment, archives and much more.

Companies can rent storage space to store goods, freeing up internal storage space and avoiding the costs associated with renting a warehouse.

Individuals can save money by avoiding the costs of moving to larger homes. Self storage gives you more storage space.


In short, Self Storage is a practical, flexible and cost-effective storage solution for individuals and businesses.
It offers a variety of storage spaces, from small to large boxes, with short or long-term rentals to suit users’ needs.

With its security, confidentiality, accessibility and flexible storage capacity, Self Storage is the storage solution of choice for individuals and businesses.

What are the advantages of renting self storage space from Flexbox?

By entrusting us with your property, you benefit from a number of advantages:

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