Flexbox Eaux Vives

Flexbox Eaux Vives

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Why would you choose Eaux Vives facility? 

  • Modern and renovated
  • Free parking for your car
  • Each unit has its own individual alarm
  • Each unit has its own individual alarm
  • CCTV 24h/24 – 7d/7
  • Staff member onsite
  • Fire detection system
  • 7d/7 access for all customers from 6 am to 10 pm
  • Carts onsite

Self-storage unit rental at Flexbox Eaux-Vives:

At Flexbox Eaux-Vives, we have storage units and storage boxes to suit all needs and budgets.

200 storage boxes

Small lockers for storing a few suitcases or boxes

Take advantage of our promotional offers, call 022 820 00 00.

Neighbourhoods close to our Flexbox Eaux-Vives storage center : Center of Geneva, Plainpalais/Acacias, Champel, La Gradelle.

How to access at Eaux-Vives facility?

Optimal access to your self-storage unit at Eaux-Vives

In our self-storage facility, you will find carts, forklift and loading trolley to help you move your belongings.

Need a hand, call us, we will find you a solution.