5 Reasons to Rent a Self-storage Unit for Professionals

Secured, air-conditioned, ventilated, in a climate controlled building and a 7/7 day access, the units are a performing and easing solutions for modern firms. They allow space management optimization, archives storing, moving out, benefiting from additional storage, and even to receive and store packages. Let’s discover the 5 reasons to rent a self-storage unit as a professional.

Space management optimization

Do you have a seasonal business? We have the solution for your dead stock: Self-store it during other seasons.

Do you have bulky but necessary point of sale advertising and brochures ? Keep it in a unit accessible 24/7 rather than cluttering your facilities.

You cannot cross customs with your samples and want to avoid border’s formalities? Store it with us.

You are a craftsman and do not have a shop or workspace? You can store your materials and tools in a unit to control your costs.

A storage unit can be particularly useful in lots of other situations. Secured and accessible 24/7, a unit allow an essential flexibility to entrepreneurial performance.

Archives storage

The Swiss laws regarding the accounts and professional documents are tights and require the retention of those archives for 10 years+++!

Thus, firms especially the ones with a large number of employees, have a significant number of archives.

Flexbox can offer a unit: secured, accessible 24/7, ventilated, heated, and controlled humidity that allows your company to free up valuable spaces.

Moving out easily and smoothly
Do you need to store fragile materials or confidential documents during your moving out period?

You just suffered from a disaster and wish to follow your work even during the restoration period?

You wish to store your furniture, products, documents or materials while you find a new facility, workspace or during the refurbishment period? Business is dooming or booming, think self-storage for a quick answer. You can expand or reduce your cost easily.

In all those situations, self-storage offers an innovative, simple and flexible solution according to your need.

Additional storage benefits

A unit allows you:

To benefit from great rates by buying wholesale office supplies and other administrative materials
To test a product, concepts during few weeks/months before taking a decision.
To store goods if your shop has limited space.
To store used furniture or equipment while waiting for the resell.
To improve your worker’s productivity through decluttering the office or to increase sale spaces.
To create a buffer stock of spare parts for your technicians. Get yourself delivered overnight in your unit and the morning after, you can help your client install or repair their goods.
Rent a unit with a simple contract, without any heavy formalities or commercial lease: it is flexible and without commitment!
You can rent from 1sqm up to 27sqm (around 73m3).

Packages, parcels, pallets reception

Finally, you can benefit from a parcel reception service at Flexbox Vernier with the unit rented. A kind of drop off system! Authorized person receives the packages and store them in your unit. You can pick them up at any time 24/7 with your personal access code and padlock key. Therefore, you can focus on your core business while we take care of the rest! No need to come back to the facility and wait hours for a  delivery !!!

Are you looking for a storage unit for one or more of the reasons stated above? Contact us to immediately rent your self-storage space in one of our Geneva facilities.



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