Tips for storing storage units

Here is a short list of tips to help you organize your storage unit.

1. Categorize your business

The first step to efficient storage is to categorize your belongings. It seems obvious, but many of us forget to sort!

For example, you can separate your clothes, furniture, tools, Christmas decorations, car accessories and so on.

By sorting and categorizing, you can better organize and stack your belongings.

Organisation cartons box de stockage

2. Place heavy items at the bottom

When organizing your storage unit, it’s important to place heavy items at the bottom.

This prevents columns of boxes from collapsing on other items in your box.

Place your heavy furniture at the bottom of your cubicle and use protective covers (cardboard boxes, blankets) to avoid scratches or damage. Some furniture, such as sofas, beds and box springs, can be stored vertically upwards.

Then stack your lighter goods on top.

3. Pack your goods appropriately

To protect your belongings from dust and damage during transport and storage, it’s important to pack them appropriately.

Use boxes to store your small belongings, and wrap your furniture in bubble wrap to protect it from scratches and knocks.

Cover your furniture to prevent dust accumulation.

Des étagères dans un box de stockage

4. Choose shelves

They are very practical for optimizing storage space and for storing smaller items that would otherwise be difficult to store.

Storage height is often 2.50 m inside the box. Shelves are therefore ideal for making full use of the cubicle’s interior volume, especially at height!

This also avoids overloading aisles by stacking boxes on the floor.

5. Create a storage plan

Create a storage plan before storing your belongings.

This will enable you to see where each category of belongings is, even if your box is full.

You can then label the boxes and arrange them according to your plan. Remember to store all objects and boxes you may need in the short term near the entrance to your storage unit.

Another tip is to rent a box for your boxes and a 2nd box for your furniture! This can be a real time-saver if you’re looking for something in your belongings.

Box et garde-meubles à proximité

By following these tips, you can store and organize your belongings safely and efficiently in your storage unit.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can be sure that your belongings are safely stored until your next use.

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