Self-storage Unit or Traditional Warehouse Storage : Self Storage Benefits

A traditional storage in a warehouse can be rented for a specific period and its access is restricted to the staff of the company providing this service. The customer needs to book an appointment to organise a visit to his stuff stored on a pallet or in a container and usually for an additional cost (around the 100F for each access). 

In contrary, self-storage allows a free access to the unit rented. Thus, the facilities are secured, the units are designed to preserve the belongings stored. It’s a renewable monthly contract, with no commitment. It’s flexible as you can terminate it anytime with a short notice (several days). And some self-storage operators such as FlexBox offer additional services as well. Discover them below:

Self-storage unit:  accessibility 24/7 

Each customer manages his own unit. Customer can access freely 24/7 their storage space to add or remove belongings, archives or furniture. Unlimited access is included in the monthly price.

To access the facility, the person will just need its access code. Then each customer puts his own padlock on the door of the unit. They can use and enjoy parking places next to the self-storage facility. Those are ideal to unload or load their belongings.

Self-storage unit: security above all

The units are highly secured: only the person having an access code can enter the facility and only the tenant will have access to his unit on a specific floor with his key. If someone tries to open your unit, the alarm would ring which would call the patrols.

Thus, the self-storage company will look after your belongings through surveillance cameras. In addition, security patrols often come to check the facilities. Each unit has its own individual alarm.

In contrary, a conventional warehouse will store your belongings in a specified open area next to other clients’ furniture which means that you will need to have great confidence in your provider. You’ll be tied to your provider when you want to move out too.

Even the goods stored are preserved. Flebox offers an air-conditioned, ventilated and humidity control system. This allows your belongings, archives or clothes to stay safe during the whole stay ( No dust, moistures, etc…).

Storage unit: flexible use

Do you want to end your contract with us? Do you wish to increase or decrease the size of the unit? Do you need to reduce your storage cost? With a traditional storage warehouse, you wouldn’t be able to do this for free.

On the contrary, by renting a unit at Flexbox, you will benefit from a flexible solution. Flexbox will even reimburse  the unused rental.

Flexbox,  a large variety of services: one stop shop

Finally, Flexbox is not only an easy external storage of your goods but it has complementary services designed to ease either your personal or professional life.

You can access material handling equipment to simplify loading or unloading of your belongings.
You can ask Flexbox staff to pick up your parcels for you and to store it in your unit. You can then come at any time to pick it up.
We closely work with moving partners who can help you with transportations, handlings, packing, dismantling or customs formalities.
We have truck rental partners with or without driver mover which can ease transports and handling.
Finally, we can offer you packing  materials to store: for example, boxes of different sizes, scotch, bubble wraps, etc directly from our Vernier facility.
If you want to learn more about the benefits of Flexbox just contact us to rent your box.



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