Flexbox Is at the Heart of the Covid-19 Battle

FlexBox is proud to be at the heart of the battle against the global coronavirus pandemic. Flexbox is one of the few Swiss Self Storage companies that can accept new customers with 100% safety during this pandemic.

Companies and individuals can rent storage spaces 24/7 capable of meeting every need. 

Our storage facilities remain open every day thanks to our fully automated systems that opens gates and sectional doors, allow the use of elevators through an easy to use controlled access system. There is no requirement for direct interaction with our support team.

The system is very simple for customers. A different 6-digit unique access code is sufficient to communicate with the different keyboards.

Surveillance is provided by high-performance camera that records  every trips to and from FlexBox buildings.

Each unit has its own individual alarm that turns off with the provided access code. When a customer opens the entrance door with his access code, it also disables the individual alarm of the rented unit.

During this pandemic, the entire supply chain continues to operate with the use of the parcel collecting service offered by the FlexBox frontdesk. As you may be aware, FlexBox staff takes all the necessary precautions to protect its employees and delivery agents in order to respect the safety distance and the health instructions of the authorities. Our trolleys serve as a physical barrier between staff and customers. 

Some customers store food related items. They continue delivering their products in the canton of Geneva. Thanks to the reliability of this supply chain, other FlexBox users continue to ensure the delivery of medical equipment and the supply to healthcare professionals. Logisticians and transport companies can even access storage units at night as the Vernier/Meyrin facility is open 24/7.

FlexBox employees still carry on their daily routine, maintenance, monitoring and thorough cleaning. Regular daily tours are made to clean and disinfect keypads, trolleys, etc. to make sure FlexBox customers are as safe as possible.

On the 30th of March, 2020, during the global pandemic, FlexBox successfully implemented a contactless mobile key system to open the FlexBox Vernier/Meyrin main gates . The gates can be opened using the smartphone, without touching keypads anymore. It serves as a back-up to the existing keypad system. FlexBox has preferred to continue to invest and strengthen its infrastructures in order to ensure the continuity of its users’ activities.

Finally, you can still rent units using our online platform to execute contracts. No more physical contact. FlexBox is the leading provider of self storage online booking. It has been achieved after 2 years of tremendous project work! All formalities are done online. You will even receive the move-in instructions and your access code by email! Of course we are available at 022 820 00 00 to guide you during the process!

FlexBox is proud to take part in this battle against the COVID-19 pandemic by providing modern infrastructure that complies with the directives of health authorities, and most of all, keeps you safe. Call us.

AH APRIL 2020 



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