Do You Want to Travel Around the World?

Who has never wanted to go around the world ? Tired of being confined ? But what will you do with your personal belongings ? Will you take them with you ?

There are several options. You are organized and have planned in advance a whole list of things to do :

The trip itself : destination, transport, budgets, luggage, etc…

The cancellation of your monthly bills (utilities, phone, internet, etc.), the end of your monthly home rent if necessary, the storage of your personal belongings in a secured self-storage facility. The money saved on your monthly rent will easily pay for your trip and for the storage of your personal belongings. It is more than likely that your annual unit storage rental will cost you less than your home annual rent!

Your plan when you get back (or not !)

If everything is well organized, then you should be ready to hop on a new adventure! 

However, a last-minute decision is always possible ! Do you have immediate personal belongings to store ? Here, at Flexbox, we have a large variety of unit sizes available spread out around our different self-storage facilities that will match your need. You can already have a look at our prices and availability here !

A little tip to save space in your unit is to store your belongings vertically up to the ceiling. The height of a unit is 2.7m.

Among this solution’s benefits, you keep a 24h/7d access to your unit at any time, even if your plane lands at 3 am on a Saturday morning !

Flexbox is taking care of the security of your unit when you are away.  Our buildings self-regulate the temperature: they are heated and ventilated. Several payment options exist: monthly rental, upfront payments’ discounts , etc …

If unfortunately your world tour ends before its due date (we hope not !) Flexbox will even refund the unused rental on a pro-rata basis ! 

What are you waiting for ?

CM JUNE 2020

Picture credit: we thank our Flexbox customers for their lovely pictures !!



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