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The ideal solution for storing your belongings in total security!

Flexbox in a nutshell

Geneva self-storage company at your service since 2013


The largest storage capacity in Geneva!
2,000 boxes/furniture storage units at your disposal


The number of available storage centers in Geneva


The largest building in French-speaking Switzerland, with a storage capacity of 8,000m2.

Member of the Swiss 3SA Self Storage Association, a standard confirming that Flexbox meets self storage industry standards in terms of safety, construction and management.

Box de déménagement à Genève
Garde-meuble déménagement à genève
Self Storage à Genève

Why choose a SELF STORAGE FACILITY to store your belongings?

Need more storage space in your home? Are you moving house soon, or going on a long trip?

The ideal solution for protecting your possessions and clearing your clutter may be to entrust them to Flexbox.

7 storage centers in Geneva!

We offer secure storage space to store your furniture and personal belongings. This practical solution frees up space in your home and protects your belongings when you move, travel or renovate.

Need furniture storage?

What is a furniture repository?

At Flexbox, a furniture repository is a secure, temperature-controlled storage space, accessible 7 days a week, where you can store your furniture and other personal or professional belongings.

There are different types of furniture repository to suit all needs and budgets.

The furniture repositories our private customers book are generally between 1 and 10 m² in size.

In fact, it’s the ideal solution for storing furniture, boxes and even objects of sentimental value.


Are you planning to move and would like to evaluate the size of your self-storage unit?

There is a simple rule for assessing the type of box required
Take the surface area of your current property and divide by 10

For professionals, surface areas vary according to needs.

Storage of archives, company removals, temporary storage of goods, storage of products: these are just some of the situations in which a professional may need a furniture repository for short or long-term rental.

For example, Flexbox’s 7/7 accessibility means that equipment can be delivered at exceptional times!

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garde-meubles à Genève

What are the advantages of renting furniture storage at Flexbox?

By entrusting us with your property, you benefit from a number of advantages:

Avantages garde-meubles flexbox