FlexBox offers individual storage units to store your excess items:

  • 1sm to 50 square meter units
  • Change unit size at any time
  • Terminate contract at any time
  • Secure, well lit and clean buildings
  • Accessible 24 hours a day

FlexBox: Simplify your life!


Store your tools and surplus inventory
Store things near your clients or worksites


Store your seasonal inventory
Store your samples and inventory at multiple locations


Store your files and archives at a safe secure location
Store your important historic documents with easy retrieval, if needed

Store owner

Free up your space for smarter uses!

Make room for new employees or company growth

Drop-off System

Flexbox offers you the possibility of receiving or shipping parcels/pallets when you are not there.
You can put them away anytime later

Unexpected events

Do you need a spare storage space while you are experiencing a water flooding! You didn't expect your commmercial lease to be terminated for whatever reason? Strong sales increase or downturn, Flexbox will allow you to optimize your storage.