FlexBox offers individual storage units to store your excess items:

  • 1sm to 50 square meter units
  • Change unit size at any time
  • Terminate contract at any time
  • Secure, well lit and clean buildings
  • Accessible 24 hours a day

FlexBox: Simplify your life!

Moving your home

Moving? Expat? Caught between your old and new homes?
Need convenient access to your belongings during your move?

Renovating your home

Need clean accessible storage to protect your furniture during your renovation?
Need somewhere safe and flexible for your belongings until the work is finished?

Going away

Need a safe place for your valuables during vacations?
Need to store your belongings when you rent your home?

Family event

Need to store extra items now that you have moved in together?
Need somewhere to store family belongings?

Just not enough room

Are your things taking up too much room in your life?

  • Seasonal clothing or sports equipment
  • Important items you just can't part with
  • Things your partner does not want in the house
  • Items for your hobby
  • Or anything else!

FlexBox offers a safe, pleasant and convenient place to store belongings. FlexBox: Make space for your life!