Self-storage lets you store your belongings temporarily, by providing you with your own personal secured box that you can access. Boxes are accessible 24/7. You choose the size that meets your current needs, knowing that you can always rent a bigger or smaller box as your needs change. You can then organize your box the way you’d like it.

Self-storage is valued by expats, students, businesspeople or anyone looking for additional space. This convenient system allows you to store archives, furniture, books, clothes and other items that you would like to keep safely stored and easily accessible at all times.

Self-storage comes in handy:

  • When needing additional space at home or at work
  • During renovation work
  • When moving
  • During a transition period
  • When going on vacation
  • When storing bulky items, files or seasonal objects

Drop-off System

Flexbox offers you the service of receiving or releasing your packages or pallets for shipment.  These items are held in a special secured area for you.