Real self-storage in Geneva

Flexbox is named after the self-storage’s flexible mindset. Indeed, Flexbox wants to stand out from traditional furniture warehouses and offer flexibility at all levels. Warehouses in Geneva, have so far lacked flexibility. When you wanted to access your furniture, you had to pay or wait.

Today, with Flexbox it’s different. All your belongings are stored in a single unit, that you can access 24/7.

Self-storage Geneva Flexbox

24/7 access

You want to move your furniture on weekends or at night? At Flexbox it’s possible! You can access your box whenever you want, without asking permission to anyone, or without any additional free.

Change unit size at any time

You happen to need less room than what you initially signed for? You can change size at no extra cost, and without time constraints. By optimizing the rented space you save money!

Leave whenever you want

Want to end your unit rental? You can end it at any time by a simple 14-day notice.

Rent a storage unit for a short period

You need to store pictures or other artwork, the time of an exhibition? Because we are close to Palexpo in Geneva, we offer self-storage unit rentals for one week only!